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1. Aquatic Biosciences 2. Biochemistry, Animal 3. Biochemistry, Plant
4. Einstein, Albert 5. Exotic Studies 6. History of Science
7. Linguistics 8. Miscellaneous  Letters 9. Nobel, Alfred and Nobel Prizes
10. Nutrition 11. Primatology 12. Sleep in Mammals

Aquatic Biosciences

Wada S, Sri Kantha S, Yamashita T, Matsunaga S, Fusetani N and Watabe S:
Accumulation of H+ in vacuoles induced by a marine peptide toxin, theonellamide F, in rat embryonic 3Y1 fibroblasts.
Marine Biotechnology, 2002 Dec.; 4: 571-582.

Sezaki K, Begum RA, Wongrat P, Srivastava MP, Sri Kantha S, Kikuchi K, Ishihara H, Tanaka S, Taniuchi T and Watabe S:
The molecular phylogeny of Asian freshwater and marine stingrays based on the DNA nucleotide and deduced aminoacid sequences of the cytochrome b gene.
Fisheries Science, 1999 April; 65(4): 563-570.

Sri Kantha S and Hashimoto K:
Processing and utilization of fishes, marine mammals and their oils in Japan, with comparison to USSR, USA and Canada.
[In] Chandra, R.K.(editor) Health Effects of Fish and Fish Oils, ARTS Biomedical Publishers, St.Johns, Canada, 1989, pp.349-371.

Sri Kantha S:
Ichthyotoxins and their implications to human health.
Asian Medical Journal (Tokyo), 1987 Aug.; 30(8): 458-470.

Sri Kantha S:
Dietary effects of fish oils on human health: a review of recent studies.
Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, 1987 Jan.-Feb.; 60: 37-44.

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Biochemistry, Animal

Sri Kantha S, Takeuchi M, Watabe S and Ochi H:
HPLC determination of carnosine in commercial can soups and natural meat extracts.
Lebensmittel Wissenschaft und Technologie, 2000; 33: 60-62.

Sri Kantha S, Wada S, Takeuchi M, Watabe S and Ochi H:
A sensitive method to screen for hydroxy radical scavenging activity in natural food extracts using competitive inhibition ELISA for 8-hydroxy deoxyguanosine.
Biotechnology Techniques, 1996; 10: 933-936.

Sri Kantha S, Wada S, Tanaka H, Takeuchi M, Watabe S and Ochi H:
Carnosine sustains the retention of cell morphology in continuous fibroblast culture subjected to nutritional insult.
Biochemical Biophysical Research Communications, 1996; 223: 278-282.

Sri Kantha S, Watabe S and Hashimoto K:
Comparative biochemistry of paramyosin – a review.
Journal of Food Biochemistry, 1990; 14: 61-88.

Sri Kantha S, Watabe S and Hashimoto K:
Immunological comparison between the paramyosins from adductor muscle of bivalves and from foot muscle of a gastropod.
Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology, 1990; 96B: 89-92.

Watabe S, Sri Kantha S, Hashimoto K and Kagawa H:
Phosphorylation and immunological cross reactivity of paramyosin; a comparative study.
Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology, 1990; 96B: 81-88.

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Biochemistry, Plant

"Dietz JM, Sri Kantha S and Erdman JW:
Reversed phase HPLC analysis of alpha and beta carotene from selected raw and cooked vegetables.
Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, 1988; 38: 333-341.

Sri Kantha S and Erdman JW:
Effect of different heat treatments of winged bean seed flour on nutritional status of rats.
Nutrition Reports International
, 1988; 38: 423-435.

Sri Kantha S and Erdman JW:
Legume carotenoids.
CRC Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition
, 1987; 26: 137-155.

Sri Kantha S and Erdman JW:
Is winged bean really a flop?
Ecology of Food and Nutrition
, 1986; 18: 339-341.

Sri Kantha S and Erdman JW:
Winged bean as a source of protein – recent advances. In: R.L.Ory (ed),
Plant Proteins: Chemistry, Applications and Biological Effects,
ACS Symposium Series 312, American Chemical Society, Washington DC, 1986, pp. 206-219.

Sri Kantha S and Erdman JW:
Winged bean as an oil and protein source; a review.
Journal of American Oil Chemists Society
, 1984; 61: 215-225.

Sri Kantha S, Hettiarachchy NS and Erdman JW:
Laboratory scale production of winged bean curd.
Journal of Food Science
, 1983; 48: 441-444 & 447.

Sri Kantha S and Hettiarachchy NS:
Studies on winged bean in Sri Lanka.
Ecology of Food and Nutrition
, 1983; 13: 197.

Sri Kantha S and Hettiarachchy NS:
Studies on nutritive value of winged bean, Psophocarpus tetragonolobus.
(Philippines), 1982; 7: 40-51.

Hettiarachchy NS and Sri Kantha S:
Trypsin inhibitor and phytohemagglutinin contents in the seeds of six legumes commonly consumed in Sri Lanka.
Journal of National Science Council of Sri Lanka, 1981; 9: 269-272.

Sri Kantha S and Hettiarachchy NS:
Phytohemagglutinins in the winged bean Psophocarpus tetragonolobus.
Journal of National Science Council of Sri Lanka
, 1981; 9: 223-228.

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Einstein, Albert

Sri Kantha S:
Total Immediate Ancestral Longevity (TIAL) score as a longevity indicator; an analysis on Einstein and three of his scientist peers.
Medical Hypotheses, 2001;56(4): 519-522.

Sri Kantha S:
Scientific productivity of Einstein, Freud and Landsteiner.
Medical Hypotheses,1996; 46: 467-470.

Sri Kantha S:
Einstein’s medical friends and their influence on his life.
Medical Hypotheses,1996; 46: 257-260.

Sri Kantha S:
Einstein and Lorentz.
Nature, Jul.13, 1995; 376: 111 [Letter].

Sri Kantha S:
An appraisal of Albert Einstein’s chronic illness.
Medical Hypotheses, 1994; 42:340-346.

Sri Kantha S:
Albert Einstein’s dyslexia and the significance of Brodmann Area 39 of his left cerebral cortex.
Medical Hypotheses, 1992; 37: 119-122.

Sri Kantha S:
Einstein in Zurich.
Nature, Jan.12, 1989; 337: 110 [Letter].

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Exotic Studies

Sri Kantha S:
Parkinson disease of ranking lawyer and legislator S.J.V.Chelvanayakam: a hypothesis.
Ceylon Medical Journal
, 2003 Dec.; 48(4): 133-135.

Sri Kantha S:
Pros and cons in the search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.
Medical Hypotheses, 1996 Mar.; 46: 183-187.

Sri Kantha S:
Challenges for space medicine.
Ceylon Medical Journal, 1994 Mar.; 39: 40-42.

Hettiarachchy J, Sri Kantha S and Hettiarachchy N:
A report on the sexual aspects of ‘hazing’at a university residence in Sri Lanka.
Asian Medical Journal (Tokyo), 1986 Oct.; 29(10): 590-596.

Sri Kantha S, Mark N:
Health problems of foreign students studying at the American universities – an overview.
Asian Medical Journal
(Tokyo), 1986 Sept.; 29(9): 527-537.

Sri Kantha S:
Arunagirinathar – the Adiguru of Karnatic Music? [In]  Arunachalam, M (editor)Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference-Seminar of Tamil Studies, Madurai, India, vol.1, 1981, 4:47-4:54.

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History of Science

Sri Kantha S:
Annotations on India and Indians The Descent of Man by Darwin.
Current Science (Bangalore), 2011 Dec. 10; 101(11): 1488-1489.

Sri Kantha S:
Printed scientific reprint: demise of a cherub.
Current Science (Bangalore), 2011 June 10; 100(11): 1733-1735.

Sri Kantha S:
Centenarian scientists: an unusual cluster newly formed in the 20th century.
Medical Hypotheses, 2001; 57(6): 750-753.

Sri Kantha S:
Suicide: a Socratic revenge.
Ceylon Medical Journal, 2000; 45: 25-28.

Sri Kantha S:
The blood revolution initiated by the famous foot-note of Karl Landsteiner’s 1900 paper.
Ceylon Medical Journal, 1995; 40: 123-125.

Sri Kantha S:
Is Karl Landsteiner, the Einstein of the biomedical sciences?
Medical Hypotheses, 1995; 44: 254-256.

Sri Kantha S:
The legacy of von Behring and Kitasato.
Immunology Today, 1992; 13: 374 [Letter].

Sri Kantha S:
Productivity drive [of prolific scientists].
Nature, Apr.30, 1992; 356: 738 [Letter].

Sri Kantha S:
Charles Darwin’s anthropological observations on Ceylonese.
Ceylon Medical Journal, 1992; 37: 97-98.

Sri Kantha S:
Hideyo Noguchi’s research on yellow fever (1918-1928) in the pre-electron
microscopic era. Kitasato Archives of Experimental Medicine (Japan), 1989; 62: 1-9.

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Sri Kantha S:
Self-deprecating humor in James Watson’s The Double Helix (1968) Memoir.

Current Science (Bangalore), 2012 Oct.25; 103(8): 950-953.

Sri Kantha S:
Nobel prize winners for literature as palliative for scientific English.
Croatian Medical Journal, 2003; 44(1): 20-23.

Sri Kantha S:
Sexual humor on Freud as expressed in limericks.
Humor, 1999; 12: 289-299.

Sri Kantha S:
Beyond the language barrier.
Nature, Feb.27, 1997; 385:764. [Letter]

Sri Kantha S:
What lingua franca?
Nature, Jan.14, 1993; 361: 107 [Letter].

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Miscellaneous  Letters

Note: In this section, 14 brief letters that have not been included in other eleven sections have been assembled under this convenient category. Among these 14 letters, 5 had appeared in the Food Technology, 3 in the Lancet and 3 in the Nature.

Sri Kantha S.
Tribute to John Maddox.
Current Science
(Bangalore) 2009 July 25; 97(2): 131.

Sri Kantha S.
Centenarian scientists.
Lancet, 1999; 353: 2250.

Sri Kantha S.
One Nobel prize winner left out [on John Boyd-Orr].
Food Technology, 1995; 49(10): 57.

Hayaishi O and Sri Kantha S.
Sleep substance; Fact and not Fantasy.
World Federation of Sleep Research Society Newsletter
, 1994; 3(2): 7-8.

Sri Kantha S.
Paramyosin as helminth vaccine candidate.
Lancet, 1990; 336: 320.

Sri Kantha S.
No more Hiroshimas.
Lancet, 1989; 2: 1457.

Sri Kantha S.
Food sanitation and immigrant culture.
Food Technology, 1989; 43(10): 40.

Sri Kantha S.
Science fellowship.
, Nov.24, 1988; 336: 302.

Sri Kantha S.
Uniformity in units.
Food Technology, 1988; 42(10): 48 & 50.

Sri Kantha S.
Arms go south.
Nature, May 19, 1988; 333: 202.

Sri Kantha S.
Comments on the quantification of major carotenoids in raw fruits and vegetables by HPLC.
Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry, 1987; 35: 849.

Sri Kantha S.
Pauling’s book, How to Live Longer and Feel Better.
Food Technology, 1987; 41(8): 60 & 62.

Sri Kantha S.
Science in Iberia.
Nature, Mar.5, 1987; 326: 10.

Sri Kantha S.
Fish oils.
Food Technology, 1986; 40(11): 46 & 49.

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Nobel, Alfred and Nobel Prizes

Sri Kantha S:
Why Wright brothers failed to receive Nobel Prize recognition?

Current Science (Bangalore), 2012 Aug.25; 103(4): 435-437.

Sri Kantha S:
Bertrand Russell (1872-1970): calibrating the scientific productivity of a polymath.
Current Science (Bangalore), 2011 Jan.25; 100(2): 262-263.

Sri Kantha S:
Alfred Nobel’s unusual creativity: an analysis.
Medical Hypotheses, 1999; 53:338-344.

Sri Kantha S:
Could nitroglycerine poisoning be the cause of Alfred Nobel’s anginal pains and premature death?
Medical Hypotheses, 1997; 49: 303-306.

Sri Kantha S:
Is Karl Landsteiner, the Einstein of the biomedical sciences?
Medical Hypotheses, 1995; 44: 254-256.

Sri Kantha S:
Clues to prolific productivity among prominent scientists.
Medical Hypotheses,1992; 39: 159-163.

Sri Kantha S:
A centennial review: the 1890 tetanus antitoxin paper of von Behring and Kitasato and the related developments.
Keio Journal of Medicine (Japan), 1991; 40: 35-39.

Sri Kantha S:
The question of nepotism in the award of Nobel prizes; a critique of the view of Hans Krebs.
Medical Hypotheses, 1991; 34: 28-32.

Sri Kantha S:
Alfred Nobel’s three loves.
Chemical & Engineering News, Apr.16, 1990; 68(16):41-42 [Letter].

Sri Kantha S:
Women winners of Nobel prize.
Nature, Apr.12, 1990; 344: 582 [Letter].

Sri Kantha S:
Raman’s prize.
Nature, Aug.31, 1989; 340: 672 [Letter].

Sri Kantha S:
Avery’s non-recognition in Nobel awards.
BioEssays, 1989; 10: 131 [Letter].

Sri Kantha S:
A review of Nobel prizes in medicine or physiology, 1901-1987.
Keio Journal of Medicine (Japan), 1989; 38: 1-12.

Sri Kantha S:
The discovery of Raman effect and its impact in biological sciences.
European Spectroscopy News, 1988; no.80: 20-26.

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Ochi H, Cheng RZ, Sri Kantha S, Takeuchi M, and Ramarathnam N:
The JaICA-Genox oxidative stress profile – An overview on the profiling technique in the oxidative stress assessment and management.
BioFactors, 2000; 13: 195-203.

Ross A.C., Zhao Z, Arora D, Pasatiempo AMG, Kinoshita M, Gardner EM,. Sri Kantha S and Taylor CE:
Retinoids in specific and nonspecific immunity; studies on antibody production and natural killer cells.
In: M.A.Livrea and G.Vidali (eds) Retinoids: From Basic Science to Clinical Applications, Berkhauser Verlag, Basel, 1994, pp. 197-213.

Sri Kantha S, Kinoshita M, Pasatiempo AMG and Ross AC:
Effects of β-carotene and retinol repletion on antibody production in vitamin A-deficient rats immunized with pneumococcal polysaccharide.
Nutrition Research, 1992; 12: 1009-1024.

Sri Kantha S, Taylor CE and Ross AC:
The impact of vitamin A deficiency and repletion with retinol and β-carotene on concanavalin A-induced lymphocyte proliferation.
Nutrition Research, 1992; 12: 1527-1539.

Sri Kantha S:
Oesophageal carcinoma in Sri Lanka.
Gut, 1990; 31: 242.

Sri Kantha S:
Nutrition and health in China, 1949 to 1989.
Progress in Food and Nutrition Science, 1990; 14: 93-137.

Sri Kantha S:
Carotenoids of edible mollusks: a review.
Journal of Food Biochemistry, 1989; 13: 429-442.

Dietz JM, Sri Kantha S and Erdman JW:
Reversed phase HPLC analysis of α-and β-carotene from selected raw and cooked vegetables.
Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, 1988; 38: 333-341.

Sri Kantha S:
Insect eating in Japan.
Nature, 1988; 336: 316-317.

Sri Kantha S:
Japanese whaling.
Nature, 1987; 328: 662.

Sri Kantha S:
Fish-eating Eskimos?
Nature, 1986; 323: 10.

Sri Kantha S, Hettiarachchy NS and Erdman JW:
Nutrient, antinutrient contents and solubility profiles of nitrogen, phytic acid and selected minerals in winged bean flour.
Cereal Chemistry, 1986; 63: 9-13.

Hettiarachchy, NS, Sri Kantha S and Corea SMX:
The effect of oral contraceptive therapy and of pregnancy on serum folate levels of rural Sri Lankan women.
British Journal of Nutrition, 1983; 50: 495-501.

"Hettiarachchy NS, Thaha, SZ, Sri Kantha S, Jeyasooriya R and Deen KJ:
Nutrition survey of a rural Sri Lankan village: Bambarabedda (Kandy district).
Jaffna Medical Journal (Sri Lanka), 1981; 16: 64-73.


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Higashino A, Kageyama T, Sri Kantha S, and Terao K:
Detection of elevated antibody against calreticulin by ELISA in aged cynomolgus monkey plasma.
Zoological Science, 2011; 28(2): 85-89.

Sri Kantha S and Suzuki J:
Primate species in Darwin’s major books on evolution.
Current Science(Bangalore),
2009 Sept.10; 97(5): 715-718.

Sri Kantha S, Suzuki J, Hirai Y, and Hirai H:
Behavioral sleep in captive owl monkey (Aotus azarae) and squirrel monkey (Saimiri boliviensis).
Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis (Warsaw), 2009 Dec.; 69(4): 537-544.

Sri Kantha S, Koda H and Suzuki J:
Owl monkey vocalizations at the Primate Research Institute, Inuyama.
Neotropical Primates, 2009; 16(1): 43-46.

Sri Kantha S, Suzuki J, Hirai Y, and Hirai H:
Sleep parameters in captive female owl monkey (Aotus) hybrids.
Neotropical Primates, 2007; 14(3): 141-144.

Suzuki J and Sri Kantha S:
Quantitation of sleep and spinal curvature in an unusually longevous owl monkey(Aotus azarae).
Journal of Medical Primatology, 2006; 35(6): 321-330.

Sri Kantha S and Suzuki, J:
Sleep profile and longevity in three generations of a family of captive Bolivian Aotus.
International Journal of Primatology, 2006; 27(3): 779-790.

Sri Kantha S and Suzuki J:
Sleep quantitation in common marmoset, cotton top tamarin and squirrel monkey by non-invasive actigraphy.
Comparative Biochemistry & Physiology, 2006; A144(2): 203-210.

Sri Kantha S:
Is somnambulism a distinct disorder of humans and not seen in non-human primates.
Medical Hypotheses, 2003; 61(5-6): 517-518.

Sri Kantha S:
Portuguese role in spread of HTLV-1 virus.
Nature, June 19, 1986; 321: 733.

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Sleep in Mammals

Sri Kantha S:
Prostaglandin D synthase (β-trace protein): a molecular clock to trace the origin of REM sleep?
Medical Hypotheses, 1997; 48: 411-412.

Takahata R, Matsumura H, Eguchi N, Sri Kantha S, Satoh S, Sakai T, Kondo N and Hayaishi O:
Seasonal variation in levels of prostaglandins D2, E2 and F2α in the brain of a mammalian hibernator, the Asian chipmunk.
Prostaglandins Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids, 1996; 54: 77-81.

Matsumura H, Nakajima T, Osaka T, Satoh S, Kawase K, Kubo E, Sri Kantha S, Kasahara K and Hayaishi O:
Prostaglandin D2-sensitive, sleep promoting zone defined in the ventral surface of the rostral basal forebrain.
Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences USA,1994; 91: 11998-12002.

Sri Kantha S, Matsumura H, Kubo E, Kawase K, Takahata R, Serhan CN and Hayaishi O.
Effects of prostaglandin D2, lipoxins and leukotrienes on sleep and brain temperature of rats.
Prostaglandins Leukotrienes and Essential Fatty Acids, 1994; 51: 87-93.

Sri Kantha S:
Histamine-Interleukin-Prostaglandin pathway; a hypothesis for a biochemical cycle regulating sleep and wakefulness.
Medical Hypotheses, 1994; 42: 335-339.

Takahata R, Matsumura H, Sri Kantha S, Kubo E, Kawase K, Sakai T and Hayaishi O:
Intravenous administration of inorganic selenium compounds, inhibitors of prostaglandin D synthase, inhibits sleep in freely moving rats.
Brain Research, 1993; 623: 65-71.

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